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Stories can wait. Science can't.

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Single observation publishing

Instead of publishing stories, Matters and Matters Select publish single, validated observations, thus highlighting the fundamental unit of scientific progress – the observation.

Hypothesis publishing
Coming soon!

Hypothesis Matters publishes the first step of the scientific process, the hypothesis.
We invite authors to submit new and thought-provoking predictions based on scientific findings or theories from any field.

Replication publishing
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Matters of Reproducibility publishes exclusively data that is confirmatory or contradictory to already existing publications.

Linking data

We are not saying stories don't matter, but stories can wait. Once a single observation, hypothesis or replication has been published, you can come back and extend it with more data, allowing a natural emergence of the story.

Triple-blind peer review

To ensure an unbiased review process, the identities of authors, editors and reviewers are unknown to one another. Scientific content alone matters.

attach_money We are one of very few scientific publishers in the world that will financially compensate your work as a reviewer.

Open access

All published content, including raw data is freely available and is being archived and indexed. By making science open and accessible, ScienceMatters ensures efficient communication and reproducibility of scientific data.

Online publishing

From submission until publication, the whole process is streamlined to make publishing more efficient and enjoyable. To achieve this, we have designed a platform using cutting-edge technologies.