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A forum that allows reporting well-supported single observations is a timely innovation in science publishing that will allow labs to quickly publish important findings that are not part of a larger project.
Prof. Tom Südhof, Nobel Laureate, 2013
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ScienceMatters is a scientific online publishing platform. The team behind ScienceMatters is also behind the EUREKA platform. After launching in 2016, ScienceMatters has operated multiple journals and covers all aspects of science publishing. In the same year the company was endorsed by the European Commission. It has 24 scientific advisory board members chaired by the Nobel laureate Prof. Tom Südhof and around 600 editorial board members from some of the best institutes around the world, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, ETH and the Max-Planck Institute.

Who Matters?

EUREKA is a scientific review and rating platform fuelled by the EUREKA token from EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH. Blockchain has the capacity to open science and make research findings immutable, transparent and decentralised. EUREKA revolutionises the scientific publishing and reviewing process by making it more efficient and fair using the EUREKA token to compensate all parties involved. Scientific discoveries can now be openly rated and rewarded based on the quality of the research.

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